Canadian Figure Skating Nationals 2018

Here’s a photo roundup of my Canadian National figure skating championship experience. The figure skating Olympic team members were announced the day after the competition finished.

I have no idea if 2008 and 2018 Canadian Nationals in Vancouver was ever a planned thing, but it was a neat ten year bookend for skaters who are retiring after the Olympics finish.

Confession: I’ve followed figure skating since at least 1998, but never really watched ice dance. In 2008, I watched ice dance live for the first time at Canadian Nationals, and immediately this Virtue and Moir team caught my eye. I didn’t know who they were (LOL), but seeing them in person, you got the buzz. They stood out.

Two years later in 2010, I was in the building during their historic gold medal free dance, although I heard it, and didn’t see it. Volunteer duty had me in an area where I didn’t have a view of the ice.

So, going from not having a clue who they were, to witnessing their final national championship title win, what an interesting ten years. 🙂


Quick notes about the venue, which will also be used for the December 2018 figure skating Grand Prix Final event:

-The sight lines were fairly good.
-If your seats are near the main entrance, it doesn’t take that long to exit after the event.
I was in the last row, centre ice. The judging setup didn’t infringe on our sight lines too much. We liked that no one sat behind us.
(But, if I were to attend a skating event there again, I would only go if I snagged a closer seat, and only for one day or one session.)

-The concourse is too small (well, the venue is small), and gets crowded.
-No standing tables to eat at (except at the end of the rink tucked under the stands).
-If you’re in the upper part of the bowl, the stairs are pretty steep.
-The seats are all plastic.
-The healthier food choices sold out FAST.

If you happen to take the particular bus(es) that stop right by the arena, very handy.
If your bus enters the campus from the south, then you’ll likely be getting off near the arena, across the street.

If you’re taking the #99 bus though, it’s about a 10-15 minute walk, YMMV. You might not be too fond of the distance when it’s pouring rain (not unusual for the city at this time of year). A waterproof outer layer and/or umbrella is a plus.

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Canadian figure skating nationals - Virtue/Moir 2018 and 2008

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