Hi there,

I’m Shel. I’m researching setting up a printable shop (planning/to do lists, to help keep organized as printable PDF sheets) — hopefully coming soon. [Psst, in the meantime, there’s a freebie printable set which you can grab in the form at the bottom. #ListMakersGonnaList] This is also my place to share some of my photos and occasional activities.

Posting frequency — I’m aiming for one post per month. So ambitious, I know – gotta keep it attainable.

Want to share your wishlist features for the printables? Or got a question?
Send your note to (remember, change to proper email format):

shelsteps at gmail dot com


Other ways to connect:

Instagram — (I’m a newbie). Expect some photo archives that don’t make it here as full posts, including Postcard travel photos. Any blog post links will be shown as ‘bitly’ short links for later reference, to copy/paste, like so. The whole only one clicky link thing is annoying.

Tweets — Blog post links, occasional articles and interesting links.


Want details on staying updated on printable items and site content? Go here.

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