Postcard from Avignon, France

Ah, Avignon.

My stay coincided with a national holiday weekend in early May. So, many locals closed shop, but with no huge crowds or long lineups, my short stay inside the old inner walls felt like I almost had the place to myself.

But it’s funny, I kept spotting this one couple around town. The first time was walking on my way to my bed and breakfast. The second time was at the takeout crepe place, where I grabbed a quick late dinner to take back to my room. And the third time was in the H&M store, where she browsed as he waited. Maybe I should have went up to them and said hello.

The only real concentration of tourists I encountered was at the Papal Palace / Palais des Papes. Even my visit to the bridge, P’ont d’Avignon / Pont Saint-Bénézet, had very few people (probably because I picked a particularly windy time to walk it).

Avignon had pretty tasty food. I managed to eat at least one restaurant meal per day, despite many places being closed that weekend. This was in the time before Yelp and smartphones, my friend, so they were really random finds.

There was the very wallet-friendly and yummy Vietnamese food one day. Then, a small (converted?) chapel restaurant where you dined under the high ceilings the next day. And then, a stop at a funky cafe on Rue des Teinturiers (street), where jazz music played over the speakers, and a poodle strutted out of the kitchen to greet you.

If I ever make it back here someday, I’ll be sure to explore outside the walls.

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A building spire in Avignon, France


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