Postcard from Granada, Spain

On the menu at Bocatta, bocadillos are kinda like Spanish sub sandwiches on a long bun. My fast food meal here included a little wooden fork to eat the fries with, very cute and yet so practical.

There’s a thriving student population that makes for lots of young people amongst the old cobblestone streets. I liked the vibe and atmosphere, and felt two nights wasn’t quite enough time here. I think another day would’ve been perfect.

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*Fanny Thornton quote

The big attraction in Granada, is of course The Alhambra. This complex houses gorgeous architecture with lots of intricate details and texture that will have you craning your neck upwards as you tour the grounds and gardens. And yes, it’s worth getting up early for (says the non-morning person)! I’d say this place is worth the hype and earns its accolade.

I went on a tapas tour through the hostel, which was a mixed experience. Because of the size of the group, about 20-odd people, it was harder to bar-hop. Those tapas places are packed.

We made it to three places before the guide had to leave to lead another activity for the hostel. The vino tinto was yummy. As an infrequent drinker, I find I sometimes don’t like red wine, but this stuff was tasty.


* The quote is from a Fanny Thornton line, in the BBC tv miniseries adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell’s book North and South. If you like period drama, but usually go for Jane Austen fare, (guilty, ha) check it out.

It’s like a grittier Pride and Prejudice set during the Industrial Revolution. Note, you’ll want the Richard Armitage version of North and South; not the same title that is about the American Revolution.


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Looking up at arch detail, in the Alhambra. Granada, Spain.

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