Postcard from New York City, One

Well, we packed wrong. It’s spring, but it’s been colder than expected. So lots of re-wearing and layers, and there are times I certainly wouldn’t say no to a scarf or a pair of pants — I packed capris.

It’s a good thing I knew about the taxi flat rate from the airport. We were approached by a private driver who wanted double that fare. No thanks.

Typical touristy things we’ve ticked off our list: a walk through Times Square, taking in a Broadway show, passing by the Statue of Liberty in a boat, snapping a picture of the ceiling at Grand Central Station, and seeing parts of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is so massive, we decided not to visit any other museum.

Our first proper Broadway show (New York Broadway, not touring Broadway) was the delightful 42nd Street. Tap dancing and starring Tony-winning Christine Ebersole herself! Bonus, as we didn’t know she was in the show when we chose it. I picked a bad day for the boat cruise, though. It was windy and the boat was no BC Ferry, size-wise. Later at dinner that evening, I asked, “Is the floor moving, or is it just me?”

We stumbled across a good food find near Times Square – Sapporo. Budget friendly, Japanese-speaking customers (so the food should be decent), but cash only. Note, there’s no sushi on the menu, but that’s fine for us. It gets a repeat visit two nights later, and I love that the shumei has *crab, not the typical shrimp. Yum!

While the actual platform was one block away from the site, the view overlooking the pit where the towers came down was sobering to see in person, seven months later.

We tried for standby Rosie O’Donnell taping tickets at the 7.30 am lineup (ugh), but it was not meant to be. I think we missed the audience cutoff by a good 20 people or so. Maybe next time.


* Sadly, I can report there was no crab shumei on the menu in 2011.

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View of Chrysler Building in New York City, NY, USA


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