Summer Roundup

A very miscellaneous post.

| Tech updates |

A little embarrassing – it took me four, even five months in (!) with the new-ish phone, a DTEK50, (RIP Blackberry Q5 and your hub) to realize that Double Tap on Android 6 does INDEED WORK BOTH ways like it logically should (double tap to wake the screen, double tap to turn the screen off).

It was just me, user error all that time – apparently I can’t double tap in the same place very well the second time. 😛

Quick list of my essential android apps:

Synchronized phone/laptop notes rock.

blue light filter

A lightweight ebook reader in my preferred file format, with sepia and grey background modes for AM/PM use.

~ a local transit schedule app ~

And a small selection of card games, ‘cause that’s my jam. I only play against the program. App creator noted if you want exact suggestions (I tend towards apps that don’t ask for permission to everything on your phone):

~ BIG 2 by big Big BiG 2 ~
This is a bit nostalgic. Playing this was a popular way to pass time as a kid.

~ GIN RUMMY by JJ Play ~

~ HEARTS by Melele ~
Hearts used to come with older versions of Windows; I miss having this game on my computer. Also, it’s super convenient to have the score tallied up automatically for you. And, I’ve only met a grand total of one person who knew the game in real life, LOL.

~ SOLITAIRE by Melele ~
Sometimes you just wanna arrange and stack some cards in alternating red and black suits, right?

Usually, the card games get used when I have an extended wait. Most recent reasons: waiting at appointments, renewing the passport.

Going, going, gone…

My ancient Kobo ereader seems to have a non-working touchscreen only in the top left hand corner, where the Home navigation is. So, I cannot exit out of book if I change my mind on what to read. I’ve been doing a full power off (rather than the quick slide off of sleep mode); this is the only way I’ve found to get back to my home screen. Kinda annoying.

Also, my media player device just died. 🙁 The battery suddenly doesn’t hold a charge. It’s three years old though, so I guess I’m due for an upgrade. Although, at current phone specifications and prices, and low USD-CAD exchange, kinda hard to upgrade on RAM and built-in storage for my budget.

| Weather |

This pic reflects my opinion on the summer’s variable weather: MEH. I brought out my linen stuff to wear in May when there was a hot spell. But then it cooled right back down to I definitely need-a-jacket-in-the-AMs temperatures. And we’re back to heat wave and high humidity at the moment.

A resting beagle

Mood: meh

| File organization, continued |

A small update to this post on cloud backups and organization:

I’ve caught up on downloading and backing up all my new purchased albums and songs online, yay. 🙂

I’m mostly caught up on backing up all my ebooks. One thing I’ll try to do, is comb through my emails for receipts to double check that I have them all.

I’ve found it easier to dedicate one drive account for my main cloud ebook backup; it makes searching and organizing it less tedious if it only contains books. Since the search seems to run well, I thought it might be handy to know where to go if I need to re-download the file, at a glance.

So, I decided to try something different – I have my folders set up by source / vendor, rather than alphabetical by author (although, I do have them arranged this more traditional way on a different backup account, so I have both options). Otherwise, I need to search my email for the receipt or refer to a master list or master spreadsheet (also working on that).

But, if the search runs well in your preferred cloud storage provider, you could be even lazier and just dump your ebook copies in one folder with no sub-folder organization whatsoever.

| Ebook buys |

Some of my more recent ebook acquisitions (sorry, most are back to regular price – the bundle may still be on sale if you’re reading this end of July). Displayed in the Lithium ebook app.

Four ebooks displayed with covers

Some ebook sale buys

A) Superheroes Anonymous – WARNING: CLIFFHANGER
No wonder the publisher put the second book, Supervillains Anonymous, on sale at the same time.

B) Sorcery and Cecelia
I’ve read and liked this, so bought an ebook keeper copy. In a nutshell: regency era / Jane Austen-ish, some magic, epistolary, and young adult.

C) Code Name: Bundle
Picked this one up, because upon sampling, Code Name: Baby contains a character who can telepathically communicate (and control?) animals – hm, intriguing. I think these are romantic suspense. The set contains:
Code Name: Baby
Code Name: Blondie
Code Name: Bikini

| Popcorn |

Family wanted to see the Solo Star Wars movie, so I saw it in the theatre. Not bad; so far I’ve actually liked the stand-alone movies better. Probably because it feels like not much happens in the main movies, and these stand-alones have more plot that moves.

I really enjoyed the droid character. Here’s a clip of droid actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge admitting she didn’t even know at her audition her character was an (an)droid.

| Paper mache pandas in town |

I probably won’t make it out to the mall during this World Wildlife Fund exhibit, but I did catch one of their smaller pop-up displays. Here, enjoy some pandas, in front of the Olympic cauldron.

| Figure skating video clips, on ice view |

Neat find – if you’re a figure skating fan, check this out:

Example: Karen Chen as an ice dancer.

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Digital Orca at Canada Place, Vancouver

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