What’cha Reading? In Arcadia by Andrea Höst

A bit behind, but I saw there’s a fifth (!) Touchstone series book by Andrea K Host, released in January. I re-read the series recently, so when I mosied over to her site after that, this was a timely surprise. If you missed the news, In Arcadia  is a bit different from the rest of the series – it’s about and is from Laura Devlin’s (Cassandra’s mom) first person point of view — so, no diary format.

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From chapter nine, I have to share this way of describing figure skating that made me laugh.


dancing on knives - figure skating description

Yay for random figure skating references. If you read this book, but you’re not too familiar with the sport, just a note that a “twist” in figure skating is performed by pairs (the woman is thrown/assisted up into the air and rotates, and then is caught by the man). It’s not a singles move. #PickyDetails

I don’t seem to have caught a twist on camera. But since they’ve made waves with their return at another Olympic run for PyeongChang, here’s a snap of Canadian ice dancers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir instead, just ’cause. And, you can really see those knives they’re dancing on.

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir at practice session, Four Continents 2009

Virtue & Moir, Four Continents practice, 2009

What’cha Reading? Mount To Be Read (TBR), Minus One

What’s Mount TBR? Books in my collection I haven’t read yet. This includes a lot of those freebie ebooks I’ve picked up in my five or six years of ereading. I should probably try to be more discerning in what I collect, but it seems easier to gather and then delete, rather than research and read samples ahead.

So, to back up a little, this book, In Arcadia,  is the latest in a series I’ve read and enjoyed. The first book in the series is Stray.  I snagged my copy free quite a while ago, and it’s still free as of posting (February 2017).

Kindle / Amazon devices


Smashwords (if you want PDF, you can grab it here)

I think all these links/versions should be Digital Rights Management (DRM)-free. That means you should be able to read the file on any device or platform with the appropriate app or program; it’s not ‘locked.’

What you should know
It’s young adult fiction written in epistolary format.

  • That means a written record or document, like letters or a diary; or in more modern times: texts, emails, chats, blogs, and transcripts of audio/video.

You’ll get a fish-out-of-water experience, there’s adventure and space ninjas (the Setari), and you’ll pick up a bit of Aussie slang, in journal format.

If that mix sounds intriguing, don’t let the young adult aspect put you off too much. I do recommend reading the character list and glossary to refresh your memory over the whole series. (The Touchstone TRILOGY version comes with these resources, not sure about the individual book versions of book two and book three.) Yes, there are very many characters. But that contributes to the world building of the books.

Here’s a glance at the description of Stray,  book one:

If your eyes don’t like reading on your phone or tablet, play around with color settings of the reading app. Stark black on white (and white on black background) doesn’t cut it for me, for any extending reading sessions. My eyes like a more muted contrast.

  • Try LESS contrast, like brown text on beige or sepia background. Or grey text on navy or black background.
  • Try using an additional blue light filter app, if your reading app doesn’t have dimming options.

(This screenshot uses the free .epub file from Kobo, but tweaked to my preferences. Usually, I change the formatting of my ebooks to have Left justification, which I prefer.)

If you like the epistolary framing, you can get ideas for other reads in this style from here and here.

TO RECAP: I’ve enjoyed the Touchstone series by Andrea K. Höst, which you can try with the first book, Stray,  for free. If you missed it, book five, In Arcadia  (Laura Devlin/Tsur Selkie) is available to buy.

In Arcadia ebook buy links:




And, as of 2018 – gorgeous new paperback versions published by The Book Smugglers.
Amazon USA links:

Stray #1

Lab Rat One #2

Caszandra #3



— What’cha reading? Do you have another book or series to recommend? —

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